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Coming Home
December 6, 2022

Coming home to yourself or your space after being away for some time can be a very daunting experience. I have been on my way home since I entered this reality more than 40 years ago. I do feel to a great extent that I know who I am and more or less where I am headed, yet, each time I return to my home land from my travels abroad, I feel quite out of place, like i don't belong.

Over the years I have learned that, even though we have left our home for a time to grow or expand ourselves in some way, what catches us off guard is how normal everything is when we return. The uneasiness sets in when we actually see the change that has happened within us and how our familiar world reacts to our new vibration and view of the world.

Familiar, yet, unfamiliar. We are aware of the world we left behind, everything is just as it was, but its different in some way. For some time, it can be difficult to understand what it is until one day, we finally see it. The familiarity is with what we remember, the unfamiliarity is with our new vibration. With our new vibration, our old world looks totally different. We see things we didn't see before. We notice certain behaviors in the people around us that we had previously accepted as normal, and to some extent might not have even been aware of. And this is where the real work begins.....

To maintain a new vibration while surrounded by the old one is no easy task. We must find a place of acceptance, forgiveness and surrender within ourselves, for ourselves and for the people and situations around us. Remembering to remember is one of the hardest things to do.

Don't run if you can help it, but don't just sit there in pain either. Allow each part of the change to unfold naturally. Don't force anything. Just allow. Its easier said than done I know, but it will get easier with practice. And that's exactly what this is, practice. We are practicing at getting better at life. If something isn't working, then stop doing it and try something else.

We are creatures of habit. More often than not, we are unaware of what it is that is standing in our way of growth, which is OK, we cant know what we don't know. We have these habits that have been learned for one reason or another and we continue them unaware. But once we do know, and see, if we don't do anything about it then we are to blame, all by ourselves. Do not blame others for not seeing, this only causes resentment.

Be the change you want to see in the world and allow that change to be seen by those who are ready to grow. Do not force anything on the unwilling. We all want the best for our loved ones, but who are we to say what is in their path and karma, we cant know. So just be the change and allow them to see by themselves. If it is for them then they will see it. Happiness is contagious...

Find something joyful to do everyday. We all have something we enjoy doing. So do it, and allow yourself to enjoy it without judgment.

I have found that by doing these few things, I continue to grow and expand to the max that my container of reality can hold. I've gotten used to feeling uncomfortable and staying in the firing line to see what happens. More often than not, the situation is a trigger for me to work through, and once i face it, it just goes away.... simple!

So be gentle with yourself and the world around you while returning home to yourself. Be brave, be strong, be free, but most importantly be kind and gentle to yourself and the new world that you see unfolding before your eyes.

All my love and blessings....

December 6, 2022
I pray for me to be there for you,
To hold space and to care for you,
To clear my vision and open my eyes,
To see your despair and to realize.
I pray for me to be humble and pure,
To sing healing songs while you tumble and cure,
To send out love and ground down that pain,
While the tears from your cry fall around you like rain.
I pray for me to trust this old process,
To heal myself true and open this fortress,
To beg for forgiveness, respect and love,
To honor this journey that is guided from above.
I pray for me to watch you grow,
While you wander around with that wonderful glow,
To pray for you while you pray to be free,
I'll sit in this love, in this honor and see.
December 6, 2022

A journey of healing is a commitment to being present as much as is possible at any given point along the way.

Through this awareness, I have found myself revisiting old behaviors and facing the same emotional triggers periodically throughout my journey. This can be frustrating. No matter how much work I do, I always seem to attract potential for the same experiences over and over again.

Just last week I could feel myself beginning to procrastinate and couldn’t understand where it was coming from. I decided to let it be for a few days as I was aware we were still going through the process of the full moon.

But it persisted. So much in fact, that I began to procrastinate about procrastinating... You can imagine the potential for this to become quite frustrating. I decided I would confide in a close friend who helps me to redirect in times like these. After a few minutes of talking with him, I remembered the whole point of why I was going through this.

I remembered a vision that I'd had while in an Ayahuasca ceremony this year. I was stuck on a thought process loop, which was comprised of little thought process loops. Loops on loops…. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get off the process. In fact, the experience got so intense for me that the Shaman had to come and help me to relax and focus.

For the days and weeks following this event, I couldn’t fully understand what the vision was showing me.

I did however understand that I, like almost every person alive, have subconscious belief systems that keep me engaged in recurring behaviors and thought patterns. This much was clear. But I couldn’t understand how to get off the loop without help. I saw every recurring pattern that I engage with, every behavior and every projection.

Unfortunately, I got no answer right away. It took me some time and a lot of being present and aware of myself to finally get what was being shown to me. Finally, after this discussion with my friend, it clicked.

The reality of my vision, and indeed my own reality is, while I grow and expand, my world around me evolves also. Therefore, there is no loop. My realization of the truth left me speechless. I realized that the spiral of life is of course present in my experience. I am part of the spiral of life. I AM the spiral of life!

When I revisited my Ayahuasca experience, I realized on closer inspection that my vision was in fact a spiral. I was being shown my evolution as I spiraled through behaviors and encounters, each behavior being affected by each encounter and each encounter being affected by each behavior, continuously spiraling and evolving through my entire life, on every level. The realization that the encounters and behaviors would continue to be there, ever evolving with me along my journey, shocked me a little. This was a game changer. Doing the work to evolve through these situations is what it is all about!

With this new perspective, I am able to welcome all recurring behaviors back in for reworking, healing and growing. Now I realize with each revolution of the spiral, I grow and expand and therefore change the behaviors and thought processes. Just like diluting a drink over and over many times, with each revolution, the healing process dilutes the behavior a little more, until it becomes unrecognizable, and in time, possibly even a strength. Which in turn eventually renders the encounter stagnant and nonrecurring. What a breakthrough, that is, until the next round of course. I pray that I can remember to remember this the next time.

This spiral of life is always present, it IS life.

We can choose to be present and aware of our input into our own and indeed other peoples personal spiral or not, either way the spiral will continue to r-evolve. How our lives evolve is entirely our own choice. There is no end, no finish line, no goal!!! There is only change, growth and the constant Revolution of Evolution.

I stand strong and tall as I walk through the valley of my soul, the smoldering embers of the victims pain and suffering behind me. As I walk away, Humbled, Empowered and Victorious, I walk  into my heart remembering how beautiful i truly am.

We Are One
December 6, 2022

A journey of healing is one of great mystery. Going to that place, to the unknown, to find that sweet spot where we hold the trauma associated with our pain and suffering. It is truly a process of complete trust in what lies ahead. We must trust as we have lost connection with our true self, and so the journey begins, blindfolded, fumbling around in the dark for something that feels like home. And therein lies the key to the process of finding one’s center. With eyes closed in a darkened room we must trust what we feel, so too must we dedicate ourselves and trust our healing journey with our eyes closed, open our hearts and our senses to what feels familiar, to what feels good and to what feels empowering. We must trust ourselves, our body and our soul, to know the way without judgment. We must trust in our pain, our wounds and our trauma, to teach us about unconditional love and forgiveness. We must trust in the process to bring us back home to our one true self, to the inner child, who was abandoned all those years ago by oneself. With eyes closed, we must find our way home.

These past few days, I myself have chosen to take a further trusting leap into the unknown. After receiving many signs from my outer self, from my world as I see it, it was apparent there was a change coming. As I have gone through energetic changes before, I know there are two options. I can either let the change happen to me, or I can be the change. Of course, being the change is much more exciting and much less traumatic, so that was the obvious option in my experience. I began with a small ceremony the day before last to welcome in any of my guides and to set my intention. I ran a bath and used some essential oils and flower aromas to help relax my body and mind to allow me to meditate and connect mind, body and soul. Yesterday I became the music that I was creating. It was beautifully healing to create music. It helped with the process greatly. Today, day three of ceremony, I ran another bath to close the healing space. I used the same oils and aromas as before and decided I would use the pendulum to tap into the hidden mind. Believe it or not, we already know everything in and around our lives from who is good for our energy, to what food doesn't agree with our bodies. We just choose, through our subconscious belief systems, what we want in our lives, and what to ignore, regardless of whether it is good for us or not. I wanted to ask my subconscious mind or hidden mind, what was ready to be released. The tricky part is, I can only get a yes or a no answer. So, the question must be right. Through meditation, I can get a good sense of the direction of questioning. I was drawn to my Root Chakra for questioning. This is where fight or flight response emanates from. This is where our basic survival instincts come from. Our relationships, security, truth, justice, basic needs, compassion, strength, trust and nurture of self all emanate from here, and so is the beginning of all energy in being. I wasn’t surprised to see it pop up during a period of balancing. To find balance in being, we must first feel grounded and secure. I asked the relevant questions which I felt were specific for this piece of work and released the energy with the aid of the pendulum. Wow! What an amazing piece of work. I feel complete bliss and contentment after gifting myself this work. I was faced with some challenging truths about my life and some reliefs too. I had told myself some lies, surprise surprise!! I feel so lucky to be part of this world today. The changes I am embodying in myself, I see every day in the world outside. Our mother Earth is healing herself, and so too am I. We are one. I was not born ON Earth, I was born FROM Earth. We share the same energy, the same elements, the same water, the same air. We are all children of Earth. Embody this experience, close your eyes, heal yourself, and once again see the world as it truly is….. It is YOU!

The visual beauty of this world is so mesmerizing that we can get distracted from what is important, from what feels good. The irony that lies in the unbalancing of our senses tells the true story behind the world as we live in it today. When one focuses on what looks beautiful without feeling the beauty in their whole being, the view becomes less interesting after only a short time. Then something new must be found to excite the eyes, and on and on goes the merry-go-round. But when one looks, feels, smells, tastes, hears and embodies the view, one could spend an entire lifetime in that moment. Time stops. When we find balance, we see the truth.... you are the view and the view IS you, we are one.

Now when you look at the view, you see its entire beauty, you can feel it, you can smell it, you can hear it. You can sense it in you and you in it. Now you can see its true depth, Your true depth. Now there is balance outside and in. When you realize that which you see and feel are one in the same, you have found balance. This is the journey……. There is no separation…….


December 6, 2022

Throughout my entire life, discipline has always seemed like such a chore. I could never focus on one thing long enough to become a master at it. I haven't mastered any skill that I love to do.

I was never into sports as a child and exercise was never my thing. But I have always loved music. And in later years now since I've finished school, I love to read and learn new things. But as a result of never having the discipline to master any new skills while growing up, I am unable to focus my attention now. This is something that I had come to accept about myself but had vowed to make a change at some point. But true to form, my lack in discipline assured that I would struggle with this. A never ending loop of failure to master.

I have recently begun singing mantras. When I say recently, I mean today. Today is the first day of my discipline process. After having such an amazing weekend of healing ceremonies, I have learned a few things about myself. One such lesson was the lack of discipline that I put upon myself in order to better myself.

It is said that the constant repetition of a mantra can heighten our senses and awareness. I’m pretty sure it does indeed do exactly that, with practice, but for now my focus is for the purposes of discipline. Once the discipline is maintained, the practice will emerge. I am eternally grateful for the lessons I have received through working with plant medicines.

Through this work with plant-based healing medicines, I have caught a glimpse of what it is to be my full true self. With practice and discipline, I believe these mantras will help me in my process of expanding my being beyond what I know to be me and who I am.

The amazing realization that you are more than you think you are is quite profound. We think we are, as humans; the body, the mind, and in some cases, the soul/spirit. In most cases we believe we are a culmination of our family, friends, job, where we live, where we go, what hobbies we enjoy and what our spiritual beliefs are. A short story on these topics would amount to the average person’s belief in who they are. But the truth of it is we are so much more than all of it put together.

This past few days has helped me with my own view on this topic. I used to believe I was a father, a brother, a son, an uncle, a grandson, a musician, a singer, a writer, a good person trying to make a difference however small it was etc etc and the list goes on. But the truth is I am much more than any and all of those things.

As I have mentioned, I have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of who I am. The I that I am is so vast and expansive that no words can describe.

If you could imagine what it would be like to squeeze an elephant through the eye of a needle, then you would have some idea of how difficult it is for a spirit to enter the human form. The sheer vastness of our being-ness pre-earth, cannot be condensed into our 3D physical form. No matter how pure a human being is, they are still physical, and so therefore cannot contain their fullest potential. That said, our fullest potential in our human form is indeed impressive. We have yet to even come close to it. The achievements in the past of our fellow earthlings were all based in ego. This in itself is the biggest and heaviest limit we posses. The monks and sages of the world would be the purest of us and yet, I believe we have so much more to learn and to let go of.

With each layer of trauma that I work through and with each layer of pain that I come to terms with, that glimpse of my fullest potential expands a little more. With each expansion, I can get a sense and feel, to some small extent, of the next level of expansion before I experience it. So, I know there’s always more to remember, more to learn. I am more than I have ever imagined before, and more than I can even imagine now. The I that I am, in this human form, is only the finger tip of my true essence. I am everything and more than I could ever imagine myself to be.

With a daily practice I can expand my awareness, lighten my trauma and pain body, and thus expand the emptiness inside so more of my essence and light can enter, remembering more and more, who I truly am. This disciplined process can help me with procrastination and limiting my ego with regards to music, singing, writing and everything that I want to learn at this moment. Our ego tells us we are no good. So, if I start the day by reminding myself of how much I can remember with regards to who I am, well that will shut that little noise up with discipline and practise.

I am not perfect. I am finding my way.

Day by day, unravelling and unfolding, healing and expanding.


December 6, 2022

The map of life is a beautiful and exciting collection of experiences. Each experience we choose is uniquely amazing in its own way and will only ever happen once.

Life is about experiencing each moment in as much depth as you possibly can because you will never get a second chance at that experience. There is only ever one first time.

A loss of something dear to you is something you should explore and understand, appreciate it fully because that feeling of loss that you are experiencing is verification that it made a difference to your life. Celebrate the loss by fully experiencing it. Then let it go, to allow yourself to experience something new. Not to replace it but rather to move on to something else that can fulfil your life and allow yourself to gain once again something life changing.

Its been a year since my last blog post. After coming back home from Peru, the personal journey that I had undertaken began to present opportunities to heal and expand myself. I went through a few months of ups and downs, each experience presenting old patterns that needed attention. With each redirection, a new experience presented itself to be explored.

I had the most amazing summer last year with a very dear friend. We spent our days meditating and exploring many ideas and subsequently had some very deep conversations that fundamentally changed our perspective of many areas of our lives.

One of these discussions was about the world view of the divine feminine and divine masculine and the battle that is being waged within each and every human being as a result. We are conditioned to reject balance within ourselves which has caused a wide feeling of unknowing. It has caused people to search and drive towards money and personal achievements in a bid to feel whole and accomplished. But we are at soul level, at source, neither feminine nor masculine. We are only pure energy. We are at our core, already balanced. We need not search outside for what we contain within.

This discussion led me to explore my own internal balance and thus began to present many areas of my life that I had neglected or damaged as a result of this conditioning. And so, I began to align myself with the next phase of my healing journey.

About 5 years ago, I began to manifest a series of events and arguments that subsequently ended up in my loosing contact with my 3 children. Those events are not important to me now. What is important is what they led me to realise about myself and the world we live in. I realise now that I had completely rejected my internal feminine self and as a result had waged an external attack on all the women in my life who presented any sort of challenge to me. I began looking for reasons to distance myself from them. My internal balance was hugely off, and so my external world mirrored that back to me. Instead of trying to find a balance with these women and create a place of understanding, I created my experience outside to match what I was feeling inside.

Through my journey I have learned some very interesting soul connection techniques that can literally help to shape your reality. This very potent level of meditation coupled with the law of attraction can bring the experiences you want to have into your life with great speed and precision. So, I began to put to work everything I had learned.

Over the coming days and weeks, I built my desired reality in my heart and in my being. I Imagined this with ultimate clarity and precision. I imagined myself sitting in a soft chair in front of my little old house with the love of my life sitting next to me while we enjoyed the sun and the soft breeze on our faces. I could see My eldest daughter and my son coming up to the house to visit, bringing with them my youngest daughter, their half sister. I imagined laughing and joking with the mothers of my children and their partners, one big happy family, everyone getting along and wanting to help each other. I imagined us all sharing pure love together, family love.

I sat with this vision and built on it for a number of weeks, creating it ever more clearer and bringing it closer with every added detail. Then, quite naturally, I stopped the process and had forgotten about it until one day, only a few weeks ago, my mum brought up my eldest daughter in conversation. I believed she would be back, and without setting a time frame or having any expectations, i remembered the vision. I reminded my mum that she would be back and not to set any limits. We left it at that.

One day out of the blue just last week, my eldest daughters mum called to tell me that my daughter wanted to arrange a meeting. This was the first contact I'd had in almost two years. I was ecstatic! I knew that the work I had done on myself in healing the imbalance coupled with visualising my desires for the future had begun to materialise. I took a deep breath, and without expectation, I began to open up a line of loving and understanding communication with her.

This is my chance to create something new after I have grieved and healed the old.

Remapping your life takes a lot of courage in facing yourself, requires a lot of tears and pain to heal, and calls for action when an opportunity presents itself. Treat people how you expect to be treated. Be kind, be humble, be a visionary.


Ego Death
December 6, 2022

The ego is a very powerful tool within our society. The whole model is used and pushed very well and has been for 1000s of years. Since history was recorded, the biggest egos of the planet have ruled it for their own personal gain and still now today that is exactly what is happening. The ego wants the big flash car and the two holiday's and the big house. The heart only wants to be happy.

I dont know about you but I would be happy enough once I had my family around me. Thats the important parts that most of us forget until we are old and our family has grown up and moved on to start their own family. Its amazing how we creatures of desire allow ourselves to be operated by a system built on greed.

Over the past number of weeks and months indeed, Ive been slowly coming to a realisation. Our own desire and greed indeed for our lifestyles is fueled completely by ego. We are all romantic on some level, and always hear close ones saying "follow your heart", but we never do! We follow our ego, all the way!! The heart is involved in feeling love, but the ego is involved in feeling hate or resentment. Once the heart falls in love, it never falls out of it!!

So with this realisation I decided I wanted to do some ego work. Without actually thinking too much about it I just started working on some painful memories and the ego work just seemed to evolve as a knock on effect. It came on very strong and truly was by far the most amazingly beautiful, powerful work I have ever done and also terrifying, although it doesn't have to be that way. I had no idea that the memories I was trying to come to terms with were the very experiences that my relationship ego was built upon. So therefore I was not prepared for what was coming as a result of breaking through.

I actually felt like I was dieing. I had to push my whole being to force myself to let go of the pain, so much so that my ego couldn't hold on to it any longer. So as a last attempt to save itself my ego knocked me out. Haha what a bloody experience!! I will keep the full details of this ego death for my book of course 😊.

The ego is an amazingly powerful thing. The fear I felt during that experience was terrifying. I wasn't dieing of course, I was letting go of what had been making my decisions for me for the past number of years. That level of control wasn't going to be given up without a fight. So now I know there is an easier way. There is still a lot of very hard work involved, but no dramatics at the end and nobody dies, mentally, emotionally or actually hahaha, we just let go!

This picture inset was taken four days after my relationship ego death. I was receiving a beautiful flower bath from a friend. The smell of the flowers was amazing and just captivated me entirely. Haha I wasn't even aware that another friend was there taking a picture of it hahaha. I am glad he did though. He cought a moment of complete and total freedom in me that I wouldn't have otherwise seen from the outside. I sure was feeling it though hahaha and thanks to this friend I will be able to tap into that memory whenever I want to. So thankyou G-Man for that shot 😊.

Embrace your fears

Let go of what doesn't serve you

And Be Free

December 6, 2022

The universal healing energy is one that I have experienced in great measure over the past number of days and weeks here in Peru.

It is quite beautiful the way the subtle energies mingle through the city and beyond to the jungle. And in equal measure, it is amazing how the jungle cradles every corner in a city that holds half a million people.

This is "Thee" jungle city.

The sheer wildness of it. You can feel it, smell it, and hear it. In a house in a city, close your eyes, and you are in the jungle. It is quite spectacular. And every morning the alarm call of a Halk hunting it's pray. Powerful, majestic, perfect.

I have received a monumental amount of experience here with regard to energy.

Healers in general, thrive to stay on the side of the light, the devine, the love energy. But here there is a mix of energy workers on both sides of the Vale. This at first startled me, as back home we are mostly shielded from any of this.

This experience with dark energies has engaged me in an apprenticeship of protection and helped me to build on my healing skills and expand my knowledge.

As a result of these recent experiences I've been very fortunate to learn how to open a channel through me to link to the source energy of this universe. This is an amazing and extremely humbling gift to revieve and will help me to heal our wounded path walkers on a very pure and loving level.

This source energy is love. It is as simple and as complicated as that. Love is..... everything...

When you unconditionally love, you create a timeless space for growth. Miracles happen!! You can help people to connect to their wounds and feel that unconditional love once again that they had as a child. Once these pathways are reopened, the miracle of growth that unfolds before your very eyes is spectacular. It is how it should always be.

Miracles happen when you love what you do, and believe unconditionally in what your doing is for the love of our world and of our shared experience.

We are all healers on this planet. We all have the capacity to love unconditionally and thus we have the capacity to share that love energy and heal our fellow earth walkers. This is the move to collective conciousness. This is what we are all striving towards. A place where we can all live together in harmony.

No Borders, no barriers, no racial differentiation, no fear!!!!

Only shared conciousness!

Only unconditional love!!

December 6, 2022

This beautiful place of Iquitos has a magic around it that I have yet to be able to put into words.

It is pretty much run down to a level that would be condemned in Ireland. There is extreme poverty and anyone without a job has to sell something to make ends meat. There are majestic wetlands and gigantic flowing rivers. Giant butterflies and tiny lizards.

Every night there is a huge gathering of local people on the boulevard to chat and laugh and watch the comedians, musicians and artists who come there to make a few Soles in tips.

The charm and character of this place is just mesmerising. Of course it is the people.

I have often been to a city and remarked on its beauty but was astounded by the arrogance or ignorance of the people.

Iquitos is the first city I've visited that is the complete opposite, it is wrecked and run into the ground, but I absolutely love it and more importantly I love the people in it who hold this beautiful energy here!

There is at present a tourism industry in Iquitos which has been dubbed Ayahuasca tourism.

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive substance that has been brewed for many 1000's of years by the native tribes people in order to seek guidance from their spirits for many things. There are many other plant mixtures that they drink but Ayahuasca is the drink of choice for tourists because of its effects to the psyche.

Nowadays and for many years now, westerners have come here for this guidance from the local Shamans, the guidance of choice now being health and well being.

Hence the term Ayahuasca tourism.

There is a dangerous knock on affect of this though. As the local population is so poor and many are starving, there seems to be an abundance of shamans walking the boulevard punting for your business. Many offering ayahuasca ceremonies for knock down prices. Really no different than drug dealers if I'm honest. Most of them are irresponsible in their approach and really don't care about your well being.

I do feel for these Shamans though, because they are only doing what they have to in order to survive, but that shouldn't be at the potential cost of another persons life.

Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful psychoactive substance that digs down into the depths of the mind to unearth broken parts of the human psyche in order to allow the patient to heal and live a better standard of life as a result.

It is simple really, but in the wrong hands, this powerful indigenous brew can kill. The indigenous people will actually rarely allow a first comer to drink straight away without going on a strict diet for a number of days before hand because the effects of the western diet when mixed with Ayahuasca can be potentially fatal.

Unfortunately a lot of these Del Boy Shamans as I call them, really only care about the notes in your wallet. So any wounded tourist coming in search of healing should be extremely careful in their approach to their healing. Cheap and cheerful could cost you your life. I am of course willing to guide anyone to the right healer. Just drop me an email and I will help to arrange the best possible treatment for you.

Even in knowing this though, I too got taken in by a trickster, a less than worthy healer. But in this case, he was very well accomplished and I later found out he is a very well know man but for all the wrong reasons.

This man was in fact a Brujo.

A Brujo is one who practices black magic. This one in particular, goes around the country stealing people's medicine, magic, healing power, gifts or whatever you are more comfortable calling it.

Now, personally I was always of the mind set that one had to be willing to give in to such magic or darkness in order to be succumbed by it. But I was wrong, well momentarily anyway.

Anyway here is a short account of what happened, I will keep the intricate details for my book 😉,

I went to the ceremoy with some friends which was very authentic, and really nice. When the ceremony was in full swing, this man in question sang me one of his healing songs in his native tongue. It was very beautiful indeed. I lay back and journeyed till the early hours and fell asleep. The next morning I woke and felt very weird. On top of that I was absolutely destroyed in insect bites, well over 200 I'd say. Wow!!

So a few days passed and I was getting a bigger and bigger sense that something wasn't right. I couldn't write any poetry, no song lyrics could come to mind, no blog post ideas popping in and even my hands weren't getting hot anymore. It was so weird.

So as the days rolled by and one conversation passed over another, the topic came up about this guy and the ceremony was mentioned. Well what I was told was jaw dropping. He took my medicine!! I couldn't believe it!!

So another few days went by and I was trying to figure out how to get this sorted and all of a sudden one night here in my apartment I decided I was going to sort it right here and now.

So i went to my room and closed my eyes to meditate. I called in all my training that I had learned down through the years to perform a cleansing on myself. I said my prayers and cleared my Chakras like My reiki master showed me, then I released any blocks from any lower energy forms from head to toe, my vibration was boosting up at this stage, I could feel my skin burning, and with another sweep and calling in all my guides, my helpers and archangels and any unemployed angels, I cocooned myself in 7 of my choosen angels wings, a shield of the arcana. This was the icing on the cake thanks to my IIY teacher 😊.

Well all I can say is wow. I was back. I felt really present and back to myself after it. One thing that struck me during the ceremony was the smell of human feces. I later found out that that is a classic Brujeria sign.

So now I am delighted to realize that I was originally right, I can resist black dark energy, but I got lazy with my protection. It is something we must practice every day.

Haha this story for many of you may seem far fetched, but there are many ways to look at this scenario.

This way of life is now my chosen profession and my gift. There are tricksters in every walk of life. They are there to test us and push our buttons. How much do you want this way of life? How much crap are you going to put up with before you step into your power? It's always been up to us haha!!!

We have to look after ourselves 😀

We must step into our own power....

What is your hidden power?

Free your true Magic 😊

December 6, 2022
Concrete Metropolis jungle,
A jungle growing within a bundle,
Of polished up, built up, hide away faces,
All in the race competing for spaces.
An aroma from a pretty city
Apon a time was nitty gritty,
Now flowing from edges and ledges,
A fulfilment of dredged pledges.
Grey on Green and green on grey,
Scenes to be seeing I dare to say,
Green scene seeing it's way,
I pray, that this day, is here to stay.
The Mothers pining cry is winning,
A voice of reason is glistening,
Her gasped breathe has been heard,
Her nurchured siblings were spared.