A Healers Prayer

I pray for me to be there for you,
To hold space and to care for you,
To clear my vision and open my eyes,
To see your despair and to realize.
I pray for me to be humble and pure,
To sing healing songs while you tumble and cure,
To send out love and ground down that pain,
While the tears from your cry fall around you like rain.
I pray for me to trust this old process,
To heal myself true and open this fortress,
To beg for forgiveness, respect and love,
To honor this journey that is guided from above.
I pray for me to watch you grow,
While you wander around with that wonderful glow,
To pray for you while you pray to be free,
I'll sit in this love, in this honor and see.
December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts

This word is new to me, yet the notion of it is ingrained in my consciousness.
For many years, right back to my childhood, I have been pondering this notion....
And yet, I have felt it for reasons I am unable to make clear sense of....
Many of my uncles, aunties, cousins and even siblings have traveled the world down through the years but none without destination or design that I am aware of.
This word is a revelation to me!!
For many years I thought I must be crazy...
The notion of heading to one place or another somewhere over the horizon, not yet decided in this present moment...
Clinging tightly to.... trust!?
Ha Ha!!
Crazy? Well... probably!
Not normal? Well.... As a good old friend of mine once said... "Show me normal, and I'll show you a liar".... Ha Ha!!! I truly love that statement BC.

So, I must Trust...

Trust my destiny unfolds with cause bringing me ever closer to my unknown destination...
Where I am to be....
At that right time...
For that right reason...
To do that or hear that or witness that one thing... Or not...
Maybe the whole purpose is to be "there"...
Wherever "there" is...
The idea of this has been a kind of dream of mine, and for many people out there I'm sure.
To trust in ones journey so implicitly without destination, To just be in every moment, every step, every breath...
Its an amazing notion indeed.

"To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination"

A total leap of faith!

Sometimes in life we must take a leap of faith.
For many out there, that leap of faith is much closer to home and yet every bit as blindfolded as my leap of faith.
Your migration, Your new job offer, You new marriage proposal, Your new baby plans, Your first home etc....
A leap of faith is always a total trust that everything will be OK, and will be as it was meant to be...
So, I have no true idea why I am going or where, or how long for.
From there, my mystery will unfold, moment by moment, experience by experience, until I feel that my purpose has been completed.
Some may say it is an early mid life crisis...

Ha ha!!

Well... So what if it is?

I am the one jumping!!

Latest Poetry
Victorious is a word
often used by fighters,
When they've defeated their opponent,
And they've fought fierce and righteous.
​I have fought the good fight,
But I only feel guilty,
For baring my sword,
On those that I should pity.
​A Warrior of light,
Bares a sword of emotions,
Sharp is the mind,
With a heart as deep as the oceans.