We Are One

A journey of healing is one of great mystery. Going to that place, to the unknown, to find that sweet spot where we hold the trauma associated with our pain and suffering. It is truly a process of complete trust in what lies ahead. We must trust as we have lost connection with our true self, and so the journey begins, blindfolded, fumbling around in the dark for something that feels like home. And therein lies the key to the process of finding one’s center. With eyes closed in a darkened room we must trust what we feel, so too must we dedicate ourselves and trust our healing journey with our eyes closed, open our hearts and our senses to what feels familiar, to what feels good and to what feels empowering. We must trust ourselves, our body and our soul, to know the way without judgment. We must trust in our pain, our wounds and our trauma, to teach us about unconditional love and forgiveness. We must trust in the process to bring us back home to our one true self, to the inner child, who was abandoned all those years ago by oneself. With eyes closed, we must find our way home.

These past few days, I myself have chosen to take a further trusting leap into the unknown. After receiving many signs from my outer self, from my world as I see it, it was apparent there was a change coming. As I have gone through energetic changes before, I know there are two options. I can either let the change happen to me, or I can be the change. Of course, being the change is much more exciting and much less traumatic, so that was the obvious option in my experience. I began with a small ceremony the day before last to welcome in any of my guides and to set my intention. I ran a bath and used some essential oils and flower aromas to help relax my body and mind to allow me to meditate and connect mind, body and soul. Yesterday I became the music that I was creating. It was beautifully healing to create music. It helped with the process greatly. Today, day three of ceremony, I ran another bath to close the healing space. I used the same oils and aromas as before and decided I would use the pendulum to tap into the hidden mind. Believe it or not, we already know everything in and around our lives from who is good for our energy, to what food doesn't agree with our bodies. We just choose, through our subconscious belief systems, what we want in our lives, and what to ignore, regardless of whether it is good for us or not. I wanted to ask my subconscious mind or hidden mind, what was ready to be released. The tricky part is, I can only get a yes or a no answer. So, the question must be right. Through meditation, I can get a good sense of the direction of questioning. I was drawn to my Root Chakra for questioning. This is where fight or flight response emanates from. This is where our basic survival instincts come from. Our relationships, security, truth, justice, basic needs, compassion, strength, trust and nurture of self all emanate from here, and so is the beginning of all energy in being. I wasn’t surprised to see it pop up during a period of balancing. To find balance in being, we must first feel grounded and secure. I asked the relevant questions which I felt were specific for this piece of work and released the energy with the aid of the pendulum. Wow! What an amazing piece of work. I feel complete bliss and contentment after gifting myself this work. I was faced with some challenging truths about my life and some reliefs too. I had told myself some lies, surprise surprise!! I feel so lucky to be part of this world today. The changes I am embodying in myself, I see every day in the world outside. Our mother Earth is healing herself, and so too am I. We are one. I was not born ON Earth, I was born FROM Earth. We share the same energy, the same elements, the same water, the same air. We are all children of Earth. Embody this experience, close your eyes, heal yourself, and once again see the world as it truly is….. It is YOU!

The visual beauty of this world is so mesmerizing that we can get distracted from what is important, from what feels good. The irony that lies in the unbalancing of our senses tells the true story behind the world as we live in it today. When one focuses on what looks beautiful without feeling the beauty in their whole being, the view becomes less interesting after only a short time. Then something new must be found to excite the eyes, and on and on goes the merry-go-round. But when one looks, feels, smells, tastes, hears and embodies the view, one could spend an entire lifetime in that moment. Time stops. When we find balance, we see the truth.... you are the view and the view IS you, we are one.

Now when you look at the view, you see its entire beauty, you can feel it, you can smell it, you can hear it. You can sense it in you and you in it. Now you can see its true depth, Your true depth. Now there is balance outside and in. When you realize that which you see and feel are one in the same, you have found balance. This is the journey……. There is no separation…….


December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Ego Death

The ego is a very powerful tool within our society. The whole model is used and pushed very well and has been for 1000s of years. Since history was recorded, the biggest egos of the planet have ruled it for their own personal gain and still now today that is exactly what is happening. The ego wants the big flash car and the two holiday's and the big house. The heart only wants to be happy.

I dont know about you but I would be happy enough once I had my family around me. Thats the important parts that most of us forget until we are old and our family has grown up and moved on to start their own family. Its amazing how we creatures of desire allow ourselves to be operated by a system built on greed.

Over the past number of weeks and months indeed, Ive been slowly coming to a realisation. Our own desire and greed indeed for our lifestyles is fueled completely by ego. We are all romantic on some level, and always hear close ones saying "follow your heart", but we never do! We follow our ego, all the way!! The heart is involved in feeling love, but the ego is involved in feeling hate or resentment. Once the heart falls in love, it never falls out of it!!

So with this realisation I decided I wanted to do some ego work. Without actually thinking too much about it I just started working on some painful memories and the ego work just seemed to evolve as a knock on effect. It came on very strong and truly was by far the most amazingly beautiful, powerful work I have ever done and also terrifying, although it doesn't have to be that way. I had no idea that the memories I was trying to come to terms with were the very experiences that my relationship ego was built upon. So therefore I was not prepared for what was coming as a result of breaking through.

I actually felt like I was dieing. I had to push my whole being to force myself to let go of the pain, so much so that my ego couldn't hold on to it any longer. So as a last attempt to save itself my ego knocked me out. Haha what a bloody experience!! I will keep the full details of this ego death for my book of course 😊.

The ego is an amazingly powerful thing. The fear I felt during that experience was terrifying. I wasn't dieing of course, I was letting go of what had been making my decisions for me for the past number of years. That level of control wasn't going to be given up without a fight. So now I know there is an easier way. There is still a lot of very hard work involved, but no dramatics at the end and nobody dies, mentally, emotionally or actually hahaha, we just let go!

This picture inset was taken four days after my relationship ego death. I was receiving a beautiful flower bath from a friend. The smell of the flowers was amazing and just captivated me entirely. Haha I wasn't even aware that another friend was there taking a picture of it hahaha. I am glad he did though. He cought a moment of complete and total freedom in me that I wouldn't have otherwise seen from the outside. I sure was feeling it though hahaha and thanks to this friend I will be able to tap into that memory whenever I want to. So thankyou G-Man for that shot 😊.

Embrace your fears

Let go of what doesn't serve you

And Be Free

Latest Poetry
I stand alone on this last eve,
A life so full behind me.
In feeling piece my shattered life,
Bless-ed was my journey.
A tear I shed in mourning past,
In feeling more a stranger,
To a life I fought for heart and nails,
In crawling for my savior.
I am but boy in this grown skin,
Playful kind and true,
The love I feel for every me,
Is a beautiful baby blue.
I am instrumental life and change,
Here in this one man band,
Seeds of dreams twinkling daylight,
Awaiting a heart felt command.
I laugh in pass a moments gesture,
My path ahead so righteous,
I leave behind an empty dream,
In seeking life's great adventures.
It is sure to be that time will pass,
As a rover I'll saddle the road,
Another land a dream may be,
The unknown, no fixed abode.
Around the corner is out of sight,
A total guess it would be,
Stand in my shoes turned back,
There is no way you can see.
A total change a life turned around,
They would hardly even know me,
I stand in strength on this solid ground,
And I'll trust my guides unfold me.