The universal healing energy is one that I have experienced in great measure over the past number of days and weeks here in Peru.

It is quite beautiful the way the subtle energies mingle through the city and beyond to the jungle. And in equal measure, it is amazing how the jungle cradles every corner in a city that holds half a million people.

This is "Thee" jungle city.

The sheer wildness of it. You can feel it, smell it, and hear it. In a house in a city, close your eyes, and you are in the jungle. It is quite spectacular. And every morning the alarm call of a Halk hunting it's pray. Powerful, majestic, perfect.

I have received a monumental amount of experience here with regard to energy.

Healers in general, thrive to stay on the side of the light, the devine, the love energy. But here there is a mix of energy workers on both sides of the Vale. This at first startled me, as back home we are mostly shielded from any of this.

This experience with dark energies has engaged me in an apprenticeship of protection and helped me to build on my healing skills and expand my knowledge.

As a result of these recent experiences I've been very fortunate to learn how to open a channel through me to link to the source energy of this universe. This is an amazing and extremely humbling gift to revieve and will help me to heal our wounded path walkers on a very pure and loving level.

This source energy is love. It is as simple and as complicated as that. Love is..... everything...

When you unconditionally love, you create a timeless space for growth. Miracles happen!! You can help people to connect to their wounds and feel that unconditional love once again that they had as a child. Once these pathways are reopened, the miracle of growth that unfolds before your very eyes is spectacular. It is how it should always be.

Miracles happen when you love what you do, and believe unconditionally in what your doing is for the love of our world and of our shared experience.

We are all healers on this planet. We all have the capacity to love unconditionally and thus we have the capacity to share that love energy and heal our fellow earth walkers. This is the move to collective conciousness. This is what we are all striving towards. A place where we can all live together in harmony.

No Borders, no barriers, no racial differentiation, no fear!!!!

Only shared conciousness!

Only unconditional love!!

December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
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Latest Thoughts

This beautiful place of Iquitos has a magic around it that I have yet to be able to put into words.

It is pretty much run down to a level that would be condemned in Ireland. There is extreme poverty and anyone without a job has to sell something to make ends meat. There are majestic wetlands and gigantic flowing rivers. Giant butterflies and tiny lizards.

Every night there is a huge gathering of local people on the boulevard to chat and laugh and watch the comedians, musicians and artists who come there to make a few Soles in tips.

The charm and character of this place is just mesmerising. Of course it is the people.

I have often been to a city and remarked on its beauty but was astounded by the arrogance or ignorance of the people.

Iquitos is the first city I've visited that is the complete opposite, it is wrecked and run into the ground, but I absolutely love it and more importantly I love the people in it who hold this beautiful energy here!

There is at present a tourism industry in Iquitos which has been dubbed Ayahuasca tourism.

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive substance that has been brewed for many 1000's of years by the native tribes people in order to seek guidance from their spirits for many things. There are many other plant mixtures that they drink but Ayahuasca is the drink of choice for tourists because of its effects to the psyche.

Nowadays and for many years now, westerners have come here for this guidance from the local Shamans, the guidance of choice now being health and well being.

Hence the term Ayahuasca tourism.

There is a dangerous knock on affect of this though. As the local population is so poor and many are starving, there seems to be an abundance of shamans walking the boulevard punting for your business. Many offering ayahuasca ceremonies for knock down prices. Really no different than drug dealers if I'm honest. Most of them are irresponsible in their approach and really don't care about your well being.

I do feel for these Shamans though, because they are only doing what they have to in order to survive, but that shouldn't be at the potential cost of another persons life.

Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful psychoactive substance that digs down into the depths of the mind to unearth broken parts of the human psyche in order to allow the patient to heal and live a better standard of life as a result.

It is simple really, but in the wrong hands, this powerful indigenous brew can kill. The indigenous people will actually rarely allow a first comer to drink straight away without going on a strict diet for a number of days before hand because the effects of the western diet when mixed with Ayahuasca can be potentially fatal.

Unfortunately a lot of these Del Boy Shamans as I call them, really only care about the notes in your wallet. So any wounded tourist coming in search of healing should be extremely careful in their approach to their healing. Cheap and cheerful could cost you your life. I am of course willing to guide anyone to the right healer. Just drop me an email and I will help to arrange the best possible treatment for you.

Even in knowing this though, I too got taken in by a trickster, a less than worthy healer. But in this case, he was very well accomplished and I later found out he is a very well know man but for all the wrong reasons.

This man was in fact a Brujo.

A Brujo is one who practices black magic. This one in particular, goes around the country stealing people's medicine, magic, healing power, gifts or whatever you are more comfortable calling it.

Now, personally I was always of the mind set that one had to be willing to give in to such magic or darkness in order to be succumbed by it. But I was wrong, well momentarily anyway.

Anyway here is a short account of what happened, I will keep the intricate details for my book 😉,

I went to the ceremoy with some friends which was very authentic, and really nice. When the ceremony was in full swing, this man in question sang me one of his healing songs in his native tongue. It was very beautiful indeed. I lay back and journeyed till the early hours and fell asleep. The next morning I woke and felt very weird. On top of that I was absolutely destroyed in insect bites, well over 200 I'd say. Wow!!

So a few days passed and I was getting a bigger and bigger sense that something wasn't right. I couldn't write any poetry, no song lyrics could come to mind, no blog post ideas popping in and even my hands weren't getting hot anymore. It was so weird.

So as the days rolled by and one conversation passed over another, the topic came up about this guy and the ceremony was mentioned. Well what I was told was jaw dropping. He took my medicine!! I couldn't believe it!!

So another few days went by and I was trying to figure out how to get this sorted and all of a sudden one night here in my apartment I decided I was going to sort it right here and now.

So i went to my room and closed my eyes to meditate. I called in all my training that I had learned down through the years to perform a cleansing on myself. I said my prayers and cleared my Chakras like My reiki master showed me, then I released any blocks from any lower energy forms from head to toe, my vibration was boosting up at this stage, I could feel my skin burning, and with another sweep and calling in all my guides, my helpers and archangels and any unemployed angels, I cocooned myself in 7 of my choosen angels wings, a shield of the arcana. This was the icing on the cake thanks to my IIY teacher 😊.

Well all I can say is wow. I was back. I felt really present and back to myself after it. One thing that struck me during the ceremony was the smell of human feces. I later found out that that is a classic Brujeria sign.

So now I am delighted to realize that I was originally right, I can resist black dark energy, but I got lazy with my protection. It is something we must practice every day.

Haha this story for many of you may seem far fetched, but there are many ways to look at this scenario.

This way of life is now my chosen profession and my gift. There are tricksters in every walk of life. They are there to test us and push our buttons. How much do you want this way of life? How much crap are you going to put up with before you step into your power? It's always been up to us haha!!!

We have to look after ourselves 😀

We must step into our own power....

What is your hidden power?

Free your true Magic 😊

Latest Poetry
To say one has nothing,
"I only have my dreams",
But THAT nothing is never,
As bad as it seems.
​Every thing in this world,
One day had to start,
At first was a dream,
That came from the heart.
​From nothing comes everything,
Any thing you can see,
Even this moment here and now,
With just you and me.
And Now you may wonder,
Even start to believe,
If you live in your dream,
Will you start to receive?
​Every thing is nothing,
All Infinity,
A beautiful vacuum,
Of possibilities.
​Come build your dream,
Wish from the start,
And I'll bid you sweet nothings,
From the bottom of my heart