The map of life is a beautiful and exciting collection of experiences. Each experience we choose is uniquely amazing in its own way and will only ever happen once.

Life is about experiencing each moment in as much depth as you possibly can because you will never get a second chance at that experience. There is only ever one first time.

A loss of something dear to you is something you should explore and understand, appreciate it fully because that feeling of loss that you are experiencing is verification that it made a difference to your life. Celebrate the loss by fully experiencing it. Then let it go, to allow yourself to experience something new. Not to replace it but rather to move on to something else that can fulfil your life and allow yourself to gain once again something life changing.

Its been a year since my last blog post. After coming back home from Peru, the personal journey that I had undertaken began to present opportunities to heal and expand myself. I went through a few months of ups and downs, each experience presenting old patterns that needed attention. With each redirection, a new experience presented itself to be explored.

I had the most amazing summer last year with a very dear friend. We spent our days meditating and exploring many ideas and subsequently had some very deep conversations that fundamentally changed our perspective of many areas of our lives.

One of these discussions was about the world view of the divine feminine and divine masculine and the battle that is being waged within each and every human being as a result. We are conditioned to reject balance within ourselves which has caused a wide feeling of unknowing. It has caused people to search and drive towards money and personal achievements in a bid to feel whole and accomplished. But we are at soul level, at source, neither feminine nor masculine. We are only pure energy. We are at our core, already balanced. We need not search outside for what we contain within.

This discussion led me to explore my own internal balance and thus began to present many areas of my life that I had neglected or damaged as a result of this conditioning. And so, I began to align myself with the next phase of my healing journey.

About 5 years ago, I began to manifest a series of events and arguments that subsequently ended up in my loosing contact with my 3 children. Those events are not important to me now. What is important is what they led me to realise about myself and the world we live in. I realise now that I had completely rejected my internal feminine self and as a result had waged an external attack on all the women in my life who presented any sort of challenge to me. I began looking for reasons to distance myself from them. My internal balance was hugely off, and so my external world mirrored that back to me. Instead of trying to find a balance with these women and create a place of understanding, I created my experience outside to match what I was feeling inside.

Through my journey I have learned some very interesting soul connection techniques that can literally help to shape your reality. This very potent level of meditation coupled with the law of attraction can bring the experiences you want to have into your life with great speed and precision. So, I began to put to work everything I had learned.

Over the coming days and weeks, I built my desired reality in my heart and in my being. I Imagined this with ultimate clarity and precision. I imagined myself sitting in a soft chair in front of my little old house with the love of my life sitting next to me while we enjoyed the sun and the soft breeze on our faces. I could see My eldest daughter and my son coming up to the house to visit, bringing with them my youngest daughter, their half sister. I imagined laughing and joking with the mothers of my children and their partners, one big happy family, everyone getting along and wanting to help each other. I imagined us all sharing pure love together, family love.

I sat with this vision and built on it for a number of weeks, creating it ever more clearer and bringing it closer with every added detail. Then, quite naturally, I stopped the process and had forgotten about it until one day, only a few weeks ago, my mum brought up my eldest daughter in conversation. I believed she would be back, and without setting a time frame or having any expectations, i remembered the vision. I reminded my mum that she would be back and not to set any limits. We left it at that.

One day out of the blue just last week, my eldest daughters mum called to tell me that my daughter wanted to arrange a meeting. This was the first contact I'd had in almost two years. I was ecstatic! I knew that the work I had done on myself in healing the imbalance coupled with visualising my desires for the future had begun to materialise. I took a deep breath, and without expectation, I began to open up a line of loving and understanding communication with her.

This is my chance to create something new after I have grieved and healed the old.

Remapping your life takes a lot of courage in facing yourself, requires a lot of tears and pain to heal, and calls for action when an opportunity presents itself. Treat people how you expect to be treated. Be kind, be humble, be a visionary.


December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts
The Path

Our life path brings us upon many a tough climb that can be so grueling that we often forget to take a moment and look at where we are.

We forget to enjoy the process.

Yes change is difficult, and many steps can offer an unsure footing at times.

And therein lies the leap of faith.


Because regardless of where we come from or what our beliefs are, we believe that there is a purpose for everything.

Our life purpose...

So what is it all about?

Many people have asked themselves this very question in times passed.

And yet each and every one of those path seekers will tell you a different meaning for life.

If we all have a different meaning for life then what is the meaning of life?

To me it is a path.

We learn and teach every step of the way, often not really knowing on a macro level, what we are moving towards.

Yes there's the next meal, or the next night out or that special treat you want to buy for yourself or that special someone and of course our careers.

So if life is a path for a bigger purpose, why do we feel such a pull towards the little things?

And why do we get so enthralled in life's debate over these little things?

Because like anything else in this physical world, our personal lives or paths are something we build upon.

One little piece at a time.

We put our heart into so little.

Its now more common to acquire something as a status symbol.

"Wait until you see what I just got."

Building a path of resentment and greed.

This path only leads to more of the same because you will never have everything, this is impossible!

When we open our hearts to our true path, we change.

We change our desires,

We change our focus,

We change our path!

For many who find their path, life stays relatively the same. They still have their job, their family, their house, most of their beliefs and for some nothing changes at all.

Or so it may seem.

They appear happier in themselves of course and yet they are doing the same things they always have. Except, they're not....

A righteous path is one of belief.

Belief in what you are here for.

Believing that happiness is the key to fulfilling your destiny.

We are all different beings with different goals for happiness.

Take a long hard look at yourself and what your happiness goals are.

Ask yourself, "will that be enough to make me happy?"

Happiness is a choice, just like the 4000 sq ft house for 2 children.

We really need very little to live, and even less to survive.

So when asked if you could have anything in this world, anything at all, what would it be?

How much would you ask for?

What could it be that would help you to figure out your meaning of life?

What would make you happy?

Latest Poetry
Belief is when the clock stops, but time keeps moving.
Belief is in the moment you realize there still more.
Belief is everything you dreamed of right now.
Belief is knowing you deserve everything.
Belief is feeling you need nothing.
Belief is seeing your past unfold into something quite beautiful.