Thoughts & Poetry

December 6, 2022
The journey in Glenbeigh
Was so very intriguing,
It showed me my dark side,
And what needed healing.
I opened the door
To dig in deeper,
But I met Mother Nature,
And not the Grim Reaper.​
Her beauty is awesome,
Her love so freeing,
She relieved me my burden
My life purpose revealing.
A healer I am Wounded,
So perfectly scarred,
Each layer is a hurt,
Each pain is a shard.
​My purpose is simple,
So clear and so free,
To be a soul healer,
I MUST have empathy.
​I love this direction,
My Hearts Desire,
My Internal Light,
My Souls New Fire
December 6, 2022
To say one has nothing,
"I only have my dreams",
But THAT nothing is never,
As bad as it seems.
​Every thing in this world,
One day had to start,
At first was a dream,
That came from the heart.
​From nothing comes everything,
Any thing you can see,
Even this moment here and now,
With just you and me.
And Now you may wonder,
Even start to believe,
If you live in your dream,
Will you start to receive?
​Every thing is nothing,
All Infinity,
A beautiful vacuum,
Of possibilities.
​Come build your dream,
Wish from the start,
And I'll bid you sweet nothings,
From the bottom of my heart
December 6, 2022
I stand alone on this last eve,
A life so full behind me.
In feeling piece my shattered life,
Bless-ed was my journey.
A tear I shed in mourning past,
In feeling more a stranger,
To a life I fought for heart and nails,
In crawling for my savior.
I am but boy in this grown skin,
Playful kind and true,
The love I feel for every me,
Is a beautiful baby blue.
I am instrumental life and change,
Here in this one man band,
Seeds of dreams twinkling daylight,
Awaiting a heart felt command.
I laugh in pass a moments gesture,
My path ahead so righteous,
I leave behind an empty dream,
In seeking life's great adventures.
It is sure to be that time will pass,
As a rover I'll saddle the road,
Another land a dream may be,
The unknown, no fixed abode.
Around the corner is out of sight,
A total guess it would be,
Stand in my shoes turned back,
There is no way you can see.
A total change a life turned around,
They would hardly even know me,
I stand in strength on this solid ground,
And I'll trust my guides unfold me.
December 6, 2022

This word is new to me, yet the notion of it is ingrained in my consciousness.
For many years, right back to my childhood, I have been pondering this notion....
And yet, I have felt it for reasons I am unable to make clear sense of....
Many of my uncles, aunties, cousins and even siblings have traveled the world down through the years but none without destination or design that I am aware of.
This word is a revelation to me!!
For many years I thought I must be crazy...
The notion of heading to one place or another somewhere over the horizon, not yet decided in this present moment...
Clinging tightly to.... trust!?
Ha Ha!!
Crazy? Well... probably!
Not normal? Well.... As a good old friend of mine once said... "Show me normal, and I'll show you a liar".... Ha Ha!!! I truly love that statement BC.

So, I must Trust...

Trust my destiny unfolds with cause bringing me ever closer to my unknown destination...
Where I am to be....
At that right time...
For that right reason...
To do that or hear that or witness that one thing... Or not...
Maybe the whole purpose is to be "there"...
Wherever "there" is...
The idea of this has been a kind of dream of mine, and for many people out there I'm sure.
To trust in ones journey so implicitly without destination, To just be in every moment, every step, every breath...
Its an amazing notion indeed.

"To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination"

A total leap of faith!

Sometimes in life we must take a leap of faith.
For many out there, that leap of faith is much closer to home and yet every bit as blindfolded as my leap of faith.
Your migration, Your new job offer, You new marriage proposal, Your new baby plans, Your first home etc....
A leap of faith is always a total trust that everything will be OK, and will be as it was meant to be...
So, I have no true idea why I am going or where, or how long for.
From there, my mystery will unfold, moment by moment, experience by experience, until I feel that my purpose has been completed.
Some may say it is an early mid life crisis...

Ha ha!!

Well... So what if it is?

I am the one jumping!!

The Path
December 6, 2022

Our life path brings us upon many a tough climb that can be so grueling that we often forget to take a moment and look at where we are.

We forget to enjoy the process.

Yes change is difficult, and many steps can offer an unsure footing at times.

And therein lies the leap of faith.


Because regardless of where we come from or what our beliefs are, we believe that there is a purpose for everything.

Our life purpose...

So what is it all about?

Many people have asked themselves this very question in times passed.

And yet each and every one of those path seekers will tell you a different meaning for life.

If we all have a different meaning for life then what is the meaning of life?

To me it is a path.

We learn and teach every step of the way, often not really knowing on a macro level, what we are moving towards.

Yes there's the next meal, or the next night out or that special treat you want to buy for yourself or that special someone and of course our careers.

So if life is a path for a bigger purpose, why do we feel such a pull towards the little things?

And why do we get so enthralled in life's debate over these little things?

Because like anything else in this physical world, our personal lives or paths are something we build upon.

One little piece at a time.

We put our heart into so little.

Its now more common to acquire something as a status symbol.

"Wait until you see what I just got."

Building a path of resentment and greed.

This path only leads to more of the same because you will never have everything, this is impossible!

When we open our hearts to our true path, we change.

We change our desires,

We change our focus,

We change our path!

For many who find their path, life stays relatively the same. They still have their job, their family, their house, most of their beliefs and for some nothing changes at all.

Or so it may seem.

They appear happier in themselves of course and yet they are doing the same things they always have. Except, they're not....

A righteous path is one of belief.

Belief in what you are here for.

Believing that happiness is the key to fulfilling your destiny.

We are all different beings with different goals for happiness.

Take a long hard look at yourself and what your happiness goals are.

Ask yourself, "will that be enough to make me happy?"

Happiness is a choice, just like the 4000 sq ft house for 2 children.

We really need very little to live, and even less to survive.

So when asked if you could have anything in this world, anything at all, what would it be?

How much would you ask for?

What could it be that would help you to figure out your meaning of life?

What would make you happy?

December 6, 2022



This is the eve of a new dawn...

Our own evolution if you will...

A period in time where all wishes are set forth and old behaviors are set aside in a grace for something new to behold our destiny....

There is a period in this time that is timeless it seems....

Where the old and the new seem so far away...

Where we are standing in the space in between....

Where all the unemployed dreams dance in the space between what was and what will be, awaiting our command to come into being....

A beautiful and wondrous time, without time....

Anything and everything is possible....

As the celebrations take place and the party crosses into the final destination....

Take a moment to thank the new... Thank the old....

And most importantly....

Thank the space in between for the dance of our unemployed dreams....

December 6, 2022

Christmas is a time for gifts - giving, receiving and being.
I say "being", because this is something of true value.....
The true essence of Christmas is the value.....!!!!
It is the value of laughter shared.....
The value of surprise when that special someone pops in to say hello.....
The value of comfort in being cared for.....
The value of friendship.....
The value of family.....
The value of love, loving and being loved....
For there are many who have none of this....
Who have an infinite number of possibilities with no apparent opportunities....
Starving, freezing and some even dieing, alone, with nobody.....
Indeed we all have that certain someone or someone's, who we wish were here to share this wonderful time....

Though in wishing time and pondering upon what could be or could have been indeed, we are stealing that very wish from the people who are here with us now!!!!

So if there is someone to reach out to, then do it now....

As there may not be a next time....
And of course the little ones who enter this wonderful world in succession to the ones who have just moved on, possibly on occasion tagging hands, high five, as they pass each other through the Pearly gates..... The returned soul saying "Enjoy the ride" !Wink! !Wink!....
This is a time of Great value...
I cherish every moment of it with every one person that I can.....
I wish every one person within my reach and beyond to the stars, the happiest of Happy Christmases...
Be Christ's Mass....
Gift yourself....
This is everything....
A sleep time now until I wake to share my gift....

December 6, 2022

It's amazing how much the darkness can hide and also how much a new day can bring.

I drove to this place late last night over little rolling winding roads.

I had a feeling it was going to be special...

Well the picture speaks for itself....

I woke this morning to the most beautiful sunrise and breathtaking views of rolling mist covered hills...

What a gift....

The universe giving us a gift to start the day...

....Here you go! I have created this for you, so that you can go and create something too....

How special is that!?!

So what can I gift back?!?

How do I repay this beautiful universe for such a gift of life and growth and energy!

What can I create this day and every day?

December 6, 2022
Belief is when the clock stops, but time keeps moving.
Belief is in the moment you realize there still more.
Belief is everything you dreamed of right now.
Belief is knowing you deserve everything.
Belief is feeling you need nothing.
Belief is seeing your past unfold into something quite beautiful.
The Journey
December 6, 2022

Our Life Journey takes us along many routes.

There are detours, and there are slow periods.

There are short cuts and learning curves.

But no matter what happens, we are always moving forward.

Always here, this moment, right now.... and now..... and now!!!

And believe me, we have help too, if we choose to see it!!

Just look for the signs!!!

Take this random screen shot for example.

Take notice of the synchronicity in the numbers.

Many would argue its a fluke or a Photoshop trick!!!

But I can assure you it is totally natural but for one black out spot on the bottom left corner from my private messenger.

In fact I only snapped the shot because of the double numbers on the clock, not really knowing why.

And yet here I am writing about it now.

So you see, the key is to trust.

Trust that you will always make the right decision.

Because no matter what, this decision is for you in this moment.

So in that respect, how could you ever make a wrong one ?

You are on the highway of your own lives

The only rules are the ones you write!!

How fast or slow do you want to go?

Which direction would you like to take??

How many byroads would you like to explore on route?

If you are unsure, then look for the signs.

They are there for you exactly when you need them.

Because you are already exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to your now!!

What would you like it to be??