I stand alone on this last eve,
A life so full behind me.
In feeling piece my shattered life,
Bless-ed was my journey.
A tear I shed in mourning past,
In feeling more a stranger,
To a life I fought for heart and nails,
In crawling for my savior.
I am but boy in this grown skin,
Playful kind and true,
The love I feel for every me,
Is a beautiful baby blue.
I am instrumental life and change,
Here in this one man band,
Seeds of dreams twinkling daylight,
Awaiting a heart felt command.
I laugh in pass a moments gesture,
My path ahead so righteous,
I leave behind an empty dream,
In seeking life's great adventures.
It is sure to be that time will pass,
As a rover I'll saddle the road,
Another land a dream may be,
The unknown, no fixed abode.
Around the corner is out of sight,
A total guess it would be,
Stand in my shoes turned back,
There is no way you can see.
A total change a life turned around,
They would hardly even know me,
I stand in strength on this solid ground,
And I'll trust my guides unfold me.
December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts

It's amazing how much the darkness can hide and also how much a new day can bring.

I drove to this place late last night over little rolling winding roads.

I had a feeling it was going to be special...

Well the picture speaks for itself....

I woke this morning to the most beautiful sunrise and breathtaking views of rolling mist covered hills...

What a gift....

The universe giving us a gift to start the day...

....Here you go! I have created this for you, so that you can go and create something too....

How special is that!?!

So what can I gift back?!?

How do I repay this beautiful universe for such a gift of life and growth and energy!

What can I create this day and every day?

Latest Poetry
Belief is when the clock stops, but time keeps moving.
Belief is in the moment you realize there still more.
Belief is everything you dreamed of right now.
Belief is knowing you deserve everything.
Belief is feeling you need nothing.
Belief is seeing your past unfold into something quite beautiful.