The Flag Man

The FlagMan Is one
Who says little at all,
Until the time comes
To record a fall.
The days are long
But time is short lived,
For his moment of reign
Is just over the bridge.
He stands and absorbs
All the information,
Until the Powers That Be
Send their notification.
Some will weave
And some may wonder,
But none will leave
without a ponder...
So The time has come
To unravel the web,
And piece by small piece
It all falls to shreds.
The Powers That Be
Will ask for a stand,
So the flagMan reigns
And raises his hand.
December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts
Thank you

Such a perfect phrase.  

When spoken, it is a shared emotion between two souls.

It is a deep appreciation for each other.

When we give thanks, we recognize each others soul with grace for that moment or shared moments....

Being greatful is a gift of life.

Greatfullness means happiness multiplied by gratitude.

To be full of greatness indeed!!!!!

Because we are all great in our own awesome, unique and beautiful way.

So the phrase "Thank You", is quite possibly the best compliment I could ever hope to give or receive.

With those two simple words I am saying "I Love Everything About You".

Thank You....

"Thank You Book"!!!!

You helped me to see...

My Thank You Book is full of everything in my life that I have felt Gratefulness for and still I am very grateful for today.

Every moment before now has brought me to where I am.

So Thank You to every-one moment that I could share with myself or others.

You have given me the opportunity to realize that I love everything about my "Self" and my "Life".

Which in fact means every single person and every single experience....


I love my life...

Be greatful....

Be thankful....

Be love....

For the most powerful and indeed the most greatful of all emotions is Love.

Thank You....

I Love You....

Latest Poetry
Victorious is a word
often used by fighters,
When they've defeated their opponent,
And they've fought fierce and righteous.
​I have fought the good fight,
But I only feel guilty,
For baring my sword,
On those that I should pity.
​A Warrior of light,
Bares a sword of emotions,
Sharp is the mind,
With a heart as deep as the oceans.