Victorious is a word
often used by fighters,
When they've defeated their opponent,
And they've fought fierce and righteous.
​I have fought the good fight,
But I only feel guilty,
For baring my sword,
On those that I should pity.
​A Warrior of light,
Bares a sword of emotions,
Sharp is the mind,
With a heart as deep as the oceans.
December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts

Discovering that something is not as advertised is never a nice experience.

There are certain instances where we just accept that it's an advertisement and really pass no remarks....

Take the above image of handwash for example!!

We don't actually believe that this bottle of chemicals is of high purity from the hills of Iceland!?!

Or do we????

Through my own experience, I have found that we do sometimes believe what we are seeing because it is masked as something else.

Mutton dressed as lamb it may seem.....

But the painful truth is, if we turn the bottle around and look beyond the picture, the reality is there in plain view....

In this case it is as a list of ingredients....

So why do we choose sometimes to ignore the truth and believe the picture???

I for one have learned my lesson from a recent trusted group....

Let's take this as a metaphor and apply it to every part of our lives....

Because the real truth is.... We are actually choosing to ignore reality!!!

Look beyond the advertisement....

Look around the sales person....

Look through the promises....

Find the truth....

It's there for all to see!!!

Just have a look!!!!

Latest Poetry
To say one has nothing,
"I only have my dreams",
But THAT nothing is never,
As bad as it seems.
​Every thing in this world,
One day had to start,
At first was a dream,
That came from the heart.
​From nothing comes everything,
Any thing you can see,
Even this moment here and now,
With just you and me.
And Now you may wonder,
Even start to believe,
If you live in your dream,
Will you start to receive?
​Every thing is nothing,
All Infinity,
A beautiful vacuum,
Of possibilities.
​Come build your dream,
Wish from the start,
And I'll bid you sweet nothings,
From the bottom of my heart