New Beginnings

And so, the new beginning!

It is common to hear the phrase "time flies when you're having fun". Although would it not be more apt to say that "time flies when we're detached from our own true reality".  

In that thought, we could detach at either end of the spectrum, and thus misplace many hours, days, weeks, months or years indeed, enveloped in times of extreme happiness or sadness.

I have spent many years on both ends of this spectrum, only momentarily experiencing the true feelings wrapped in each moment.


We can all recall a moment or moments in time where joy was at its peak, and yet time seemed to stand still.....

It is times like these, where we are truly present, in the moment, alive, together.

So I leave this post with a thought......

Live..... breathe..... feel..... Glorify each moment with your "presence", and who knows, we may actually LIVE..... FOREVER.....

December 6, 2022
Andrew Mee
Thoughts & poetry

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Latest Thoughts
Thank you

Such a perfect phrase.  

When spoken, it is a shared emotion between two souls.

It is a deep appreciation for each other.

When we give thanks, we recognize each others soul with grace for that moment or shared moments....

Being greatful is a gift of life.

Greatfullness means happiness multiplied by gratitude.

To be full of greatness indeed!!!!!

Because we are all great in our own awesome, unique and beautiful way.

So the phrase "Thank You", is quite possibly the best compliment I could ever hope to give or receive.

With those two simple words I am saying "I Love Everything About You".

Thank You....

"Thank You Book"!!!!

You helped me to see...

My Thank You Book is full of everything in my life that I have felt Gratefulness for and still I am very grateful for today.

Every moment before now has brought me to where I am.

So Thank You to every-one moment that I could share with myself or others.

You have given me the opportunity to realize that I love everything about my "Self" and my "Life".

Which in fact means every single person and every single experience....


I love my life...

Be greatful....

Be thankful....

Be love....

For the most powerful and indeed the most greatful of all emotions is Love.

Thank You....

I Love You....

Latest Poetry
A Healers Prayer
I pray for me to be there for you,
To hold space and to care for you,
To clear my vision and open my eyes,
To see your despair and to realize.
I pray for me to be humble and pure,
To sing healing songs while you tumble and cure,
To send out love and ground down that pain,
While the tears from your cry fall around you like rain.
I pray for me to trust this old process,
To heal myself true and open this fortress,
To beg for forgiveness, respect and love,
To honor this journey that is guided from above.
I pray for me to watch you grow,
While you wander around with that wonderful glow,
To pray for you while you pray to be free,
I'll sit in this love, in this honor and see.