The universal healing energy is one that I have experienced in great measure over the past number of days and weeks here in Peru. 

It is quite beautiful the way the subtle energies mingle through the city and beyond to the jungle. And in equal measure, it is amazing how the jungle cradles every corner in a city that holds half a million people.

This is "Thee" jungle city.

The sheer wildness of it. You can feel it, smell it, and hear it. In a house in a city, close your eyes, and you are in the jungle. It is quite spectacular. And every morning the alarm call of a Halk hunting it's pray. Powerful, majestic, perfect.

I have received a monumental amount of experience here with regard to energy.

Healers in general, thrive to stay on the side of the light, the devine, the love energy. But here there is a mix of energy workers on both sides of the Vale. This at first startled me, as back home we are mostly shielded from any of this. 

This experience with dark energies has engaged me in an apprenticeship of protection and helped me to build on my healing skills and expand my knowledge.

As a result of these recent experiences I've been very fortunate to learn how to open a channel through me to link to the source energy of this universe. This is an amazing and extremely humbling gift to revieve and will help me to heal our wounded path walkers on a very pure and loving level.

This source energy is love. It is as simple and as complicated as that. Love is..... everything...

When you unconditionally love, you create a timeless space for growth. Miracles happen!! You can help people to connect to their wounds and feel that unconditional love once again that they had as a child. Once these pathways are reopened, the miracle of growth that unfolds before your very eyes is spectacular. It is how it should always be.

Miracles happen when you love what you do, and believe unconditionally in what your doing is for the love of our world and of our shared experience.

We are all healers on this planet. We all have the capacity to love unconditionally and thus we have the capacity to share that love energy and heal our fellow earth walkers. This is the move to collective conciousness. This is what we are all striving towards. A place where we can all live together in harmony.

No Borders, no barriers, no racial differentiation, no fear!!!!

Only shared conciousness!

Only unconditional love!!