New Beginnings

December 5, 2016

And so, the new beginning!

It is common to hear the phrase "time flies when you're having fun". Although would it not be more apt to say that "time flies when we're detached from our own true reality".


In that thought, we could detach at either end of the spectrum, and thus misplace many hours, days, weeks, months or years indeed, enveloped in times of extreme happiness or sadness.


I have spent many years on both ends of this spectrum, only momentarily experiencing the true feelings wrapped in each moment.




We can all recall a moment or moments in time where joy was at its peak, and yet time seemed to stand still.....


It is times like these, where we are truly present, in the moment, alive, together. 


So I leave this post with a thought......


Live..... breathe..... feel..... Glorify each moment with your "presence", and who knows, we may actually LIVE..... FOREVER.....



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