October 10, 2019

I pray for me to be there for you,

To hold space and to care for you,

To clear my vision and open my eyes,

To see your despair and to realize.

I pray for me to be humble and pure,

To sing healing songs while you tumble and cure,

To send out love and ground down that pain,

While the tears from your cry fall around you like rain.

I pray for me to trust this old process,

To heal myself true and open this fortress,

To beg for forgiveness, r...

July 1, 2019

A journey of healing is a commitment to being present as much as is possible at any given point along the way.

Through this awareness, I have found myself revisiting old behaviors and facing the same emotional triggers periodically throughout my journey.

This can be frustrating. No matter how much work I do, I always seem to attract potential for the same experiences over and over again.

Just last week I could feel myse...

June 14, 2019

A journey of healing is one of great mystery. Going to that place, to the unknown, to find that sweet spot where we hold the trauma associated with our pain and suffering. It is truly a process of complete trust in what lies ahead. We must trust as we have lost connection with our true self, and so the journey begins, blindfolded, fumbling around in the dark for something that feels like home. And therein lies the key to the p...

April 15, 2019

 Throughout my entire life, discipline has always seemed like such a chore. I could never focus on one thing long enough to become a master at it. I haven't mastered any skill that I love to do.

I was never into sports as a child and exercise was never my thing. But I have always loved music. And in later years now since I've finished school, I love to read and learn new things. But as a result of never having the discipline t...

March 11, 2018

The map of life is a beautiful and exciting collection of experiences. Each experience we choose is uniquely amazing in its own way and will only ever happen once.

Life is about experiencing each moment in as much depth as you possibly can because you will never get a second chance at that experience. There is only ever one first time.

A loss of something dear to you is something you should explore and understand, appreciat...

February 26, 2017

The ego is a very powerful tool within our society. The whole model is used and pushed very well and has been for 1000s of years. Since history was recorded, the biggest egos of the planet have ruled it for their own personal gain and still now today that is exactly what is happening. The ego wants the big flash car and the two holiday's and the big house. The heart only wants to be happy. 

I dont know about you but I would be...

February 17, 2017

The universal healing energy is one that I have experienced in great measure over the past number of days and weeks here in Peru. 

It is quite beautiful the way the subtle energies mingle through the city and beyond to the jungle. And in equal measure, it is amazing how the jungle cradles every corner in a city that holds half a million people.

This is "Thee" jungle city.

The sheer wildness of it. You can feel it, smell it, and h...

February 8, 2017

This beautiful place of Iquitos has a magic around it that I have yet to be able to put into words.

It is pretty much run down to a level that would be condemned in Ireland. There is extreme poverty and anyone without a job has to sell something to make ends meat. There are majestic wetlands and gigantic flowing rivers. Giant butterflies and tiny lizards.

Every night there is a huge gathering of local people on the boulevard to...

January 30, 2017

A poem about my feeling of mother natures relief while walking through Madrid city and seeing so much green growing from many balconies and streets.

January 11, 2017

This word is new to me, yet the notion of it is ingrained in my consciousness.

For many years, right back to my childhood, I have been pondering this notion....

And yet, I have felt it for reasons I am unable to make clear sense of....

Many of my uncles, aunties, cousins and even siblings have traveled the world down through the years but none without destination or design that I am aware of.

This word is a revelation to...

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